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Selected Publications

Cox, Margaret, and Patricia West, editors. Great Works of African American Literature. Affordable Georgia, 2022.

Alice Walker and Claudia Rankine: Reclaiming the Ocularity of the Self” Critical Insights: Civil Rights. Comp. and ed. Christopher Varlack. Amenia: Greyhouse, 2017.

Cox, Margaret. Caribbean "Islands of the Mind": Reshaping the Ocularity of the Self, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ann Arbor, 2016. ProQuest,

 “Where the Eagle Perches Can the Hawk Perch Also?” Things Fall Apart: A Student Companion. Comp. and ed. Mala Pandurang.  New Delhi: Pencraft, 2015. 

“Re-Imaging the African Feminine Self.” African Women Novelists Re-Imaging Gender. Comp. and ed. Anke Bartels and Mala Pandurang.  New Delhi: Pencraft, 2010. 

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